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Give Hope

“We must work wholeheartedly for a ceasefire, an end to the fighting, stop arming extremist groups and get all the parties to have dialogue inside Syria.”

Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo

The 165 national organisations of Caritas Internationalis are calling on the international community to increase efforts to promote peace in Syria.

Governments are encouraged to back an immediate ceasefire to protect the civilian population and support inclusive peace negotiations.

Peaceful coexistence among religious and ethnic communities should be promoted in Syria.

The world must provide humanitarian aid to Syrians inside and outside the country.

Millions of Syrian refugees in the region or who have made the dangerous journey to Europe and further afield need to be welcomed with dignity as part of our shared humanity.

Caritas provides food, healthcare, basic needs, education, shelter, counselling, protection and livelihoods in Syria and to refugees in host countries.

Ways to help

Spread the word on social media about the Caritas Syria Peace is Possible campaign with the hashtag #peacepossible4Syria




Write a letter

Write a letter to your government or local representative asking to make peace a priority, provide humanitarian assistance and treat refugees in a dignified and humane way


Organise a prayer vigil either in your parish group or community centre.

Campaign forum

Organise a campaign forum in your area. You can use the messages of the “Syria: Peace is Possible” campaign to encourage dialogue and raise awareness on the war in Syria.


Download and display a Peace is Possible poster at your home, office, or school.

Contact your national Caritas organisation to find out what activities they have planned or how to support their work with Syrians

What can you do to help?